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Resume Writing Tips:
1. Use font size 12, and color black, preferable Times New Roman, Calibri or Ariel. Avoid elaborate designs, keep it simple.

2. Do not include pictures especially a picture of yourself.

3. Create a clear, concise objective.

4. Create different resumes to target different jobs.

5. Have a friend, family member or professional as All Star HR to proof read your resume for spelling and grammar errors.

6. Read your resume aloud to yourself, you can also try reading it in the mirror. This will keep you honest and hearing your information out loud will allow you to believe in yourself, and improve your self confidence with distributing your resume.

7. Be honest; do not copy other individuals resume, or add jobs or responsibilities that you never had.

8. Ensure that your name, contact phone number, and email are on your resume. It should be the first thing that can be seen on your resume page. Please include that information on each page, in case your resume pages get misplaced.

9. Use point forms to display your resume; this will allow your resume to be clear and concise and easier to read.

10. Arrange your work experience with the most recent or current job first. Avoid going way back with your past jobs; you should go back at least seven years.

11. If you are emailing your resume, ensure that the resume will be able to be read on opened by the employer. The most appropriate format to mail your resume is as a PDF file.
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