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Eleven tips for Job Seekers in this Economy:
If you are frustrated that your job hunt isn’t getting any results perhaps you may want to change your strategy, and do things differently. These are some really helpful tips that can assist you on getting back on the right track.

1. Stay active while you are seeking employment, volunteer in your field while you are job seeking. For example, if you are seeking employment as a teacher, then you can volunteer at your church as a Sunday School Teacher.

2. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job, including all of your friends, enemies, and family members. You may never know who knows who. Network, and meet other people from different networking groups.

3. Never act desperate by harassing employers, and applying to all the jobs that are available at a company, and calling and emailing them several times to find out the job status. Do not promise the employer, that you are willing to take any job for any salary, because “I just desperately need a job right now.” Nobody likes to work with others that are acting desperate. You may be in a desperate situation, but fake it and try as much as possible not to come across as desperate.

4. Follow instructions in applying for your jobs, if the employers said do not call, please do not call, if they said application is accepted via email only, please respect their request and do just what they asked. 5. Be professional; dress, talk, write professional, at all times. Dress for the job as if you already got the job to go on your interviews. You are currently on the market for a job, and consistently need to make a good impression. You may never know who you will run into sometimes. For example, a candidate Johan met her former boss at her neighborhood food store. She said “luckily I had listened to you on being on the guard of meeting people and finding my next job, because that morning I really did not feel to be dressed to go to the store, but I forced myself to get out of my pajamas, and did not regret it.” 6. Change your job search strategy; if you believe that you have tried everything, and you are still unsuccessful then you may need to change your job search strategy. You may need to try other job search sites such as, to upload your resume, and if you have exhausted what you have tried then you may need to contact a professional like All Star HR to assist you. 7. Apply for jobs that you are qualified for, but at the same time do not limit yourself. You will need to screen through the available jobs, and not apply to the job just because it is a job that was posted and emailed to you. As a job seeker you also need to screen through the jobs that are thrown at you, do not apply to all the jobs that are sent to you. They may not fit with your experience, education or future career. Remember you are currently employed as a “Job Seeker” and you are your own boss, so you need to manage your job search. 8. Follow up after submitting your resumes with employers, send thank you letters after interviews. Be persistent without being a nag, and sounding desperate. 9. Prepare, and be ready to go. If you are called for an interview tomorrow, you should be ready to go. Your resumes should be printed out, and your interview outfit should be there waiting. “If you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail” 10. Brush yourself of, and move on. Stop dwelling on the past, and thinking “I will never have this great job again, as the Chief Information Officer, or I will never make that kind of money again, or I will never get a great boss like that again.” You deserve a change, embrace that change in your career, if you are about to change company, or career or salary accept it and move on. You may have to make a temporary adjustment, and then adjust again later. So enjoy the moment now. Snap out of it!!!! Think big! It has been recognized that a job seeker’s confidence goes down after making several failed attempts in finding a job. Please don’t let that happen to you, because you are smart, and you deserve that great job out there that is waiting for you. 11. Do not give up on your job hunt, technically you are currently employed as a Job Seeker; you can decide to look full time or part time. Seeking a job is a job itself. Just when you believe that it is over, and you are frustrated from applying to numerous job postings, the job is right there.
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Interviewing Tips:
1. Be prepared. Practice answering questions with friends and families. Make copies of your resumes the day before to carry to the interview.

2. Do not sound rehearsed.

3. Research the company you are interviewing with.

4. Dress professionally, ensure that your hair is looking neat; clean nails, outfit and shoes. Be aware of your personal hygiene, avoid strong smelling perfumes or colognes, if possible do not use the cologne or perfume. The interviewer may be allergic to particular smells.

5. Arrive on time, at least fifteen minutes before the interview. Please do not arrive an hour or thirty minutes before the interview. If you do get to the site extremely early you can remain in your car, and then start walking to the building around 23 minutes to the building.

6. Be courteous at all times, please smile and greet everyone you meet including the security guard.

7. Avoid general hot topics like religion and politics, stick to safe topics as the weather.

8. Give the interviewer specific job related examples when answering your interview questions.

9. Stay focused, keep your answers job related, no need to be discussing your personal matters with the interviewer.

10. Watch your tone, and speed of talking, especially as we all have different accents the interviewer may not be able to understand your accent, and vice versa. Hence speak slowly, and do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question please. Do not attempt to answer a question that you did not hear.

11. Follow up the interview with a Thank You note, so please collect a business card from the interviewer with their direct contact information.
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Eleven Most Popular Questions that Employers ask at Interviews
1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. What make you different from the other candidates?

3. Why should I hire you?

4. Why are you currently seeking employment?

5. What were your major responsibilities in your last job?

6. What will your past employers say about you?

7. Use at least three adjectives to describe yourself?

8. What are your strengths?

9. What are your weaknesses?

10. What income are you willing to accept for this job?

11. Where do you see yourself next one to five years?
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